In 2000, Eduardo Álvarez (Uruguay), Verônica Camisão (Brazil), Claudia Sánchez (Colombia) and Xavier García-Milà (Spain), founded AyA - Arquitectura y Accesibilidad (currently aia international) a broad framework that brings together professionals from different disciplines to develop architecture and accessibility projects both in Latin America and in Europe.

The a i a - uy studio is the Uruguayan branch of a i a. It consists of an open and multidisciplinary structure that develops accessibility plans, specific accessibility projects (new construction and rehabilitation), interior design, advisory, technical support, support to continuous training and certification.

aia Uruguay has its origins in the Workshop ISBA (Architectural Integration Without Barriers), consultant and advisor group of PLENADI (National Whole Institutions of People with Disabilities Uruguay),founded on November 8, 1987 by architects Eduardo Alvarez, Jorge Galindez and Mabel Ubiría.

Design with a universal perspective and accessibility as a support for social inclusion and integration are an intrinsic starting point for spatial conception in all the projects and consultancies where we participate.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals includes mainly architects and interior designers, with the support of external partners in the technical areas of structure design, installations, urban planning, domotics and landscape architecture to ensure the excellence of the projects undertaken by the studio and property development consultancy lines that translate in architectural professional practice:
- advice for compliance with the regulation on accessibility. Among others: UNIT 200: 2010 (corrected version 2013) Uruguay, 34651 Decree the Junta Departamental de Montevideo
- advice and follow-up on development of projects
- accessibility plans for buildings and urban facilities

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